While exploring on a river, forest ranger Rick Marshall and his two children, Will and Holly, are caught in the middle of an earthquake which sends them into a time vortex transporting them to the mysterious jungle-world called "Land of the Lost" where prehistoric monsters rule the land. The show depicts the Marshall family and their struggle for survival in their hostile environment while attempting to find the secret to their way back to their time. They also meet their new neighbors: the Pakuni, a chimpanzee-like tribe of semi-intelligent beings, and are befriended by one of them, Cha-ka. Although the Pakuni are a bit leery of the Marshal family, they show them around the neighborhood a little and warn them of oncoming dangers, such as the local dinosaurs, Big Alice and Grumpy. They also meet their not-so-friendly neighbors, the green and lanky lizard-like creatures, the Sleestaks whose intolerable hissings still haunt the nightmares of at least one adult who watched the show as a kid. They were robotic and dim-witted in their actions and while never really doing any harm, try as they may, were the biggest foe the Marshalls had to endure. Then they meet Enik, an Altrusian who also has fallen through a time vortex and is stuck in the Land of the Lost. Enik discovers that the Land of the Lost was built by the descendents of his time - a once peaceful people who are now savages. Desperate to return to his own time and prevent his people from becoming the savages, he discovers that the Land of the Lost is a closed universe (i.e. in order for one person to enter, another must leave) and the only way to escape is through a time doorway which is inside of the Pylon - a mysterious and magical golden pyramid. Together Enik and the Marshalls work to find the secret of the Pylon. The third season brought many changes to the cast as well as the over all direction of the show. While searching for his lost brother Rick, Jack Marshall is suddenly caught in a time vortex (I guess they are pretty popular in some parts of the world) and is sucked into the Land of the Lost. Since it is a closed universe Jacks entrance forces Rick to leave and return back to the real world. Uncle Jack finds Will and Holly and learns what has happened. The stories continue with more attempts at escaping the Land of the Lost. The plots of the third season had deteriorated drastically from the first and even the second season to nothing short of pathetic in comparison.